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Restaurants’ Sales & Marketing Strategies to boost Management Methods & Maximize Revenue.
Restaurant Owner electronic books will be provided within “bite sized dimensions to assist Eatery Managers in addition to Catering Administrators deal with particular issues within only twenty four hours.

information products are generally user-friendly & brimming with activities and true to life illustrations. These kinds of ebooks include Hospitality, Marketing, HR, Financing, Procedures, Cuisine Drinks and operations Supervision.

Dining & Catering e-books to help keep you 1 step ahead of your competitors as well as push your food business enterprise into a brand new stage.

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How to Earn More Dollars with Customer Service Become an expert in customer service strategies to
instantly produce additional clients, create extra income
and much more cash. Customer Service eBook‘How to
Earn More Dollars with Customer Service’
is really a bite sized portion to assist you convert clients directly into lifetime buyers in only twenty four hours.Read More …
How to Design A Market Focused Menu

Uncover Menu Planning, Menu Design, Menu Pricing Tips By Food Specialists. Control menu design strategies to grow to be an extremely competent menu designer as well as understand the skill of how you can fulfill your own marketplace. Menu Plan eBook ‘How to Design a Market Focused Menu’ is really a bite size article that will help
you talk with your clients.

Read More …

How to Understand Food Purchasing & Stock Control

Foolproof tips & specific blueprints to safeguard your company resources. ‘How to Understand Food
Purchasing and Stock Control
eBook’ is actually a bite sized article to assist you decrease theft, waste or even harm to business asset in only 1 day.

Read More …

How to Organise Stress Free Functions

Explore function strategies as well as grasp abilities of a function manager to supply an effective function with
regard to both you and your customers. ‘How to Organise Stress-Free Functions eBook’ is a bite size piece to
assist you to create a Function Sales Package to achieve an edge over your rivals, enhance clients and sustain success.

Read More …

How to Write a Restaurant Marketing Plan

‘How to Write a Restaurant Marketing Plan eBook is a bite size piece that explores how you can grasp the
relevant skills to build up your personal successful
marketing program. Discover what you are, exactly what your visitors desire, where you stand , exactly how you’ll
get there, as well as what you should do as soon as you arrive.

Read More …

How to Plan a Wedding (for your client). ‘How to Plan a Wedding eBook’ is loaded with lots of ideas as well as suggestions to provide you with self-assurance when preparing a wedding for your customer. A wedding is definitely occasion to be recalled for life, therefore it is crucial when creating strategies that it is all totally organized to work with out a hiccup on the day.

Read More …

How To Understand and Appreciate Wine
eBook ‘How to Understand and Appreciate Wine’ is a
fast and simple method of increasing your own wine expertise. Do you rapidly drink your wines and neglect appearance, bouquet and experience? Reducing and taking that additional time, can get you being familiar with this glorious refreshment that somewhat more.Read More …
How to Setup a Profitable Buffet

‘How to Setup a Profitable Buffet eBook’ is a bite size piece that explores how you can grasp the relevant skills
to operate a lucrative smorgasbord. Discover about buffet room structure, smorgasboard table setup, buffet display, buffet food selections as well as buffet success.

Read More …

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Along with suggestions by food specialists you’ll acquire your personal Plan of Action to ensure that in only twenty four hours you’ll effortlessly grasp business methods which will switch any visitors straight into life time clients making you substantially more money.

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Why purchase from us…? Good question.

Our seasoned online institution offers tons of restaurant proprietors and supervisors with successful strategies and revenue generating food instruction.

We’re an exceptionally respected internet business that’s continually dedicated to the fulfilment of our clients.

We have over 30 successful years in the food service industry and over 15 successful years in hospitality and business training.

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How to Earn More Dollars with Customer Service, 34 pages with over 2000 words.

Free Bonuses:
1. Customer Recognition & Reward Programs
2. Customer Feedback Form.

How to Design A Market Focused Menu, 36 pages with over 1000 words.

Free Bonuses:
1. How to Price a Catering job.
2. Checklist for Menu Making.

How to Understand Food Purchasing & Stock Control, 34 pages with over 1000 words.

Free Bonuses:
1. Yield Test to calculate the required amount of food that needs to be purchased.
2. Identify excessive costs as they relate to your business.

How to Organize Stress Free Functions, 35 pages with over 3,000 words.

Free Bonuses:
1. 4 Steps to Stress Free Functions
2. Work Flow Planning.

How to Write a Restaurant Marketing Plan, 34 pages with over 3700 words.

Free Bonuses:
1. A Marketing Plan Sample for Rossini’s Pizza & Pasta
2. Marketing Plan Checklist.

How to Plan a Wedding, 57 pages with 2,676 words.

Free bonuses:
1. Wedding Reception Menu and Recipes
2. Wedding Anniversaries
3. Wedding Traditions, Customs and Superstitions
4. Gift Registry.

How to Understand and Appreciate Wine, 35 pages, with 2,500 words.

Free bonuses:
1. Key Words
2. Ten Golden Rules For Matching Food With Wine.

How to Setup a Profitable Buffet, 30 pages with 4,300 words.

Free Bonus:
1. Four Buffet Menus With Recipes.

To your success,

Linda Bamford – Principal

This best restaurant marketing guide will be a review of how to market the best restaurants in Sydney Australia.
Recommended sites & tips are listed below;


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See Channel 7’s Restaurant show, My Kitchen Rules


Latest news! Quay has been named “Restaurant of the Year” in the Sydney Morning Herald’s 2010 Good Food Guide, leading a list of seven restaurants that won top honours. Quay made history when it was named Restaurant of the Year at The Sydney Morning Herald 2009 Good Food Guide Awards. This tops off an extraordinary year, as Quay was also judged Restaurant of the Year at the Australian Gourmet Traveller 2009 Restaurant Guide Awards.

This is the first time in culinary history that a restaurant has received both awards in the same year. Quay Restaurant may be found at the Overseas Passenger Terminal at The Rocks, in Sydney Australia
Phone: 61 2 9251 5600
Fax: 61 2 9251 5609
Email: [email protected]

Leon and John Fink’s 150-seat eatery, which serves fusion Australian cuisine, also took the title in 2003 and 2005, and topped a list by Gourmet Traveller magazine. “This is a spectacularly great restaurant that deserves a place among the world’s finest,” said Simon Thomsen, co-editor of the Herald’s guide.  Woollahra’s French eatery Bistro Moncur and Bondi Beach’s contemporary diner Sean’s Panaroma also won awards in the 2009 Guide.

In the world’s top 50 restaurants there were only two entries, (both in Sydney) Tetsuya’s at 529 Kent Street and Rockpool at 107 George Street Sydney.  Here is a list of the top ten according to a group of 682 prominent food writers, critics, publishers and commentators, who each represent a different global region and  a voting panel for that region:

Top Ten Eateries in the World
1 El Bulli Spain
2 The Fat Duck UK
3 Pierre Gagnaire France
4 Mugaritz Spain Chefs Choice
5 The French Laundry USA
6 Per Se USA
7 Bras France
8 Arzak Spain
9 Tetsuya’s Australia
10 Noma Denmark

Let us know of your experiences in restaurants, cafe, take away, Hot Pot or diner in the areas below and we will place it on our site. Email me at [email protected] if you are a restaurant owner and would like some internet exposure for your business for a short time free.

See a favourite place of mine in England below:

Pubs of London – Gigalum in Clapham is a cool and inviting bar located in London right next to Clapham Common. It is an ideal venue to celebrate, ideal for private parties, Christmas and corporate events.

Daniel’s Cafe Restaurant
Located in Bella Vista (Baulkham Hills). This guide will shortly show venues in surrounding suburbs including Bella Vista, Castle Hill, Kellyville and Hills District

Norwest Business Park
Shop 1, 11 -13 Brookhollow Avenue,
Baulkham Hills NSW 2153
Phone (02) 9634 4668
Fax (02) 9634 4067

Daniel’s Restaurant has water views, is romantic & intimate. Enjoy outdoor dining, BYO & wheelchair access. Daniel’s Cafe Restaurant is located in Norwest Business Park, perfect for business lunches. Take away service also available.

We had dinner there last night and we very impressed with the meals, service and price of this Modern Australian restaurant. Italian owner, Mr Dennis Rivas greeted us warmly when we arrived and immediately made us feel welcome and comfortable with the seating.  Service was prompt, friendly and attentive, even to the point of insisting that they open our BYO!

Menu items were extensive and  food was delicious and well presented.  I’d recommend the triple dip on toasted bread finger strips as entree and Atlantic salmon mains.  Daniel’s Restaurant is one to return to!

Zilver Chinese Restaurant
Level 1, 477 Pitt St
(cnr of Hay St)
Haymarket, N.S.W. 2000
[02] 9211 2232
[02] 9211 5670
[email protected]

Car Parking is available at the Market City Wilson Parking (Quay Street)

My wife Maree and I had the pleasure of dining at the Zilver Chinese Restaurant recently. Their cuisine captures the best of contemporary and classic Chinese dishes.  The owner  Henry Tang and his advisor Rita Wong greeted us there and we were treated like VIP’s.  We were attended to by very friendly staff and were impressed by the ambience and efficient service.  I really recommend that you try out their Chinese food fusion and inquire about their excellent entertainment and VIP rooms.

Award-winning Hong-Kong born executive chef who has more than 30 years of cooking experience under his belt, breathes magic into classic Chinese cooking techniques by thinking “outside the wok”.

Here is an example of the delicious Zilvers Menu

Restaurant Guide Localities:
Sydney NSW (Darling Harbour, The Rocks,  Circular Quay,  Manly,  Bondi Parramatta, Penrith, Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Central Coast, Wollongong)

Melbourne Victoria  (Docklands St Kilda. Geelong, Yarra Valley)

Brisbane Queensland (Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Southbank, Toowoomba, Noosa, Cairns, Port Douglas, Bunbury

New Zealand  (Auckland, Christchurch ) also Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin and Hobart.

My restaurant rule in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth is similar to Channel 7’sformer top rating show. “Give people the best restaurant menu/service and they will return in droves. Don’t deliver and get dumped.”

Badly performing restaurants will not be profiled here. Only the best restaurants in Australia will be shown on this website.

This restaurant guide will soon point you towards a great Italian Restaurant, and also Thai restaurant, Japanese, Chinese etc, family restaurants in Sydney. A new waterfront restaurant group of diners in Bella Vista (Sydney’s Hills District) are profiled on this page. The decor, scenery, service and cuisine is superb. Bella Vista also has the best Vietnamese Restaurant in Sydney!

We will also profile Indian, Seafood, Greek, Chinese, Mexican, Pizza, Theatre, Waterfront, Tramcar, Taxi, Tram, Lebanese and Spanish restaurants anywhere in Australia.

Let us know of your experiences. Was the food and service excellent? Owners can advertise your menu here for a short time at no cost as we get ourselves established. Just email me at[email protected].

Auckland – Book Auckland Restaurants online with Time2Dine, New Zealand. Special deals, reviews, photos, and full menus and wine lists

Sydney City Region comprises the following suburbs: Darling Harbour, Darling Island, Dawes Point, Haymarket, Millers Point, Pyrmont, The Rocks, and Walsh Bay

Popular regions include: The Blue Mountains, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, Lower North Shore, Northern Beaches, Parramatta, South West, St George, Sutherland Shire, The Hills & Northern Districts, and the Upper North Shore.

Other Capital Cities of Australia include: Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Canberra and Darwin

States & Territories include: New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (QLD), Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Victoria (VIC), Tasmania (TAS), South Australia (SA), Northern Territory (NT) and Western Australia (WA)

Popular Australian regions include: Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, Lower North Shore, East and Bayside Melbourne, Melbourne City and Upper North Shore

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Postal Address:
Mr Bruce Gow
33 Bella Vista Drive,
BELLA VISTA NSW 2153 Australia
0417 251 911 (Int’l: +61 417 251 911)Email address:
[email protected]

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